Quandatics Biz360 Sdn Bhd

In Quandatics Biz360 Sdn Bhd, we strive to become the partner to businesses in ultimate business transformation journey. Our headquarter is situated in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. We provide end-to-end business transformation solutions and services. Our digitalisation systems include CRM, Point-Of-Sale, Accounting, Invoicing, Procurement, Inventory, HR Payroll, etc. Our offerings also include advance solutions & services ranging from business automation to business intelligence, data analytics, data management, digitalisation roadmap consultation, and training.

The founder of Quandatics Biz360 Sdn Bhd has more than 17 years of experience in delivering digitalisation solutions and services to over 1200 businesses ranging from small businesses to enterprises. Our team is now serving over 450 active companies daily. We are well equipped with knowledge in various industrial business logics, accounting, HR payroll, and data analytics.


Quandatics Biz360 Sdn Bhd covers a wide range of solutions that most business would need. What matters to us is how we can help business transform in order for business to stay relevant in this digital era. No matter how simple and small that a business starts off with, transformation journey brings the business to the next level. Being a transformation partner, we would like to share our knowledge and expertise with business owners on what a business would require to achieve the goal.

Transformation involves People, Process, and Technology. Hence, we are here to work together with businesses like a team to map out the journey and we hope to grow together endlessly. No goal is too big, no business is too small.